We, who produce hospitality furniture, know that having the ability to customize a product is fundamental in the design phase. It opens up  spaces of freedom that are naturally precluded from choosing a standard product, even if it is a product of excellent design. It widens the movement areas because, by adding to and removing something from a model, it transforms it into another, making it ductile and suitable for the needs of our project and finally stimulating new and sometimes unexpected design solutions.

Our ‘daily bread’ means we are able to produce the model specified by the customer but also to modify all the pieces in the collection according to the client’s needs. This is the only way to truly design a ‘unique’ experience and this is what is required of anyone working in hospitality design. Planning experiences. In this article you will find environments and models that are unique. Thought, designed and built not to look like anything else, not  to be cataloged in any style, just to look like ourselves.

Pieces and environments so particular that they made us come up with other ideas, they have, as said before, enlarged our area of movement, to the point of making us have an irresistible art attack. The CONIGLIETTO chair, customized for the WONDERLAND restaurant onboard some of the latest cruise ships by Royal Caribbean, in fact becomes a piece of neo-pop art with clear references to artist Jeff Koons.

This is the very environment for which it was produced. The WONDERLAND restaurant onboard SYMPHONY OF THE SEAS is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. All the seats have been completely customized and …

…also the textile panels of the dining chair backs were produced following the designs sent by the designers, to obtain the dreamlike effect of ALICE IN WONDERLAND

The same customization of the padding panel also for the back of the OOPS! chair intended for a wine bar area, which transforms again becoming something else compared to the WONDERLAND chair, and whilst keeping the design details it almost becomes unrecognizable and metaphysic

The widest design freedom, the greatest product ductility  and the maximum production flexibility